akamai  (adj.; Hawaii)  smart, intelligent



Welcome to Akamai Creations


Akamai Creations was founded and created by Artisan and Craftsman David Thorvalson. From an early age Dave has had a passion for living and ocean inspired life. Whether he is skateboarding, surfing, diving or stand up paddling you can typically find Dave on the water. He is there, or in his work shop fulfilling his equality passionate artistic and creative side, bringing life to find woodworking.  It is the merging of these two passions that led to the development of Akamai Creations.


At Akamai Creations we urge you to imagine, be inspired and allow your own passion to be unleashed. Our intent is to provide beautifully custom crafted ways to get out and ride. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and our final product.


Mostly, we take pride in making the ride a little sweeter.